Apply for the Tempaus Event task force!

Aalto University students are working together on a Tempaus event for all Aalto University students that will happen in the autumn of 2016. When the time is right, we will need all Aalto University students to join the Tempaus event, but right now we are forming our own task force at KY to join forces with other Aalto University students in making the whole thing happen!

The committee will consist of a chairman and around 10 committee members and there will be work for the whole year. Within the committee there are possibilities to work with different tasks such as communications, event organizing and corporate relations. Whatever suits you best!

Tempaus events are a way for students to influence topical matters in a light-hearted but serious manner. There have been many successful Tempaus Events in the history of Finnish student communities, including KY. The most famous Tempaus events in KY’s history have been for example Finnfocus and also Mursujaiset have been a Tempaus like event in the past. The most recent Tempaus Event took place when Aalto University was formed. Then, students formed a line of people all the way from Otaniemi to Arabia.

The application period is open from 1.2. till 14.2.2016

Join us in making one of the biggest interdisciplinary events in the history of Aalto University and apply here!
If you have any questions, please send an email to