The Foundation for Economics Students in Helsinki (KY Foundation) announces the application period for the International Exchange Grants open from April 8th, 2016 until May 20th, 2016 at 4 p.m.

The purpose of the grants is to support Aalto University School of Business BSc and MSc degree students in their international exchange studies.

In 2016 grants are awarded by the foundation for expenses resulting from exchange studies in the academic year 2016-2017. In addition, the grants may be retroactively applied for by applicants who were on exchange in 2015-2016 (e.g. such free-mover exchange students who did not yet have a confirmed exchange place during the application period in 2015).

The grant can be received per person only once (either during BSc or MSc studies, not both). The applicant is not eligible for the KY Foundation International Exchange Grant if s/he has already received an International Exchange Grant from the Student Union of the Helsinki School of Economics.

A decision on awarding a grant can be made after the student has received an exchange place in a foreign university of Economics or another educational institute. The International Exchange Grant may primarily be awarded for an exchange period of at least one academic semester.

The grant may be awarded halved also to an academic period shorter than one semester, if the program is organized by a partner university of the Aalto University and the duration of the program is at least three weeks. An accepted program may be e.g. a summer program organized by some partner university of the Aalto University.

International Exchange Grant can also be awarded for internship periods abroad if the period is supported by Aalto University School of Business or accepted as a course in AaltoBIZ . Grants awarded for internships follow the same rules as International Exchange Grants in general. The grant can be awarded in full amount for internships lasting at least 3 months, for periods shorter than this the grant is halved.


  • In the case of a free mover exchange program (students who have organized the exchange on their own) the applicant must present a copy of the official letter of acceptance from the host university.
  • In the case of an academic period which has duration less than one semester the applicant must present written documentation of the content of the program. The written documentation must include the program organizer.
  • Note that the clarification is not needed if the exchange place is organized via Aalto University School of Business (BSc, MSc, CEMS or BScBA programs).
  • In case of internship grant a certificate of internship place or accepted course performance approved by AaltoBIZ has to be presented.

In 2016, according to a decision made by the board of the KY Foundation, a maximum total of 200.000 euros will be awarded in International Exchange Grants. The size of an individual grant will be determined according to the continent by the following multipliers: Europe 1.0x; North America, Asia, Africa 1.3x; South America, Australia and New Zealand 1.6x. The factor x will be determined after the number of applications and destinations are known. If the academic period is shorter than one semester the grant is awarded halved.

The decisions on awarding the grants are made by the board of the foundation. International Exchange Grants are awarded only once a year.

The International Exchange Grant must be applied for by using the electronic form by May 20th 2016 4 p.m. The clarification of the exchange studies (free mover exchanges) should be returned as an attachment to the electronic application form.

For possible questions, please contact or by phone to the managing director of the KY Foundation Antti Melander, 0400 241 961.