Anything with the right people

As I browsed through my predecessors blog posts from years past to have at least a tiny grasp of what I probably should say in this post, they all shared one key statement: KY as a workplace is like nothing else in the job market. While this might be true, I don’t believe it’s KY as an organization that makes any of it even a slight bit special, rather the people do. As my predecessors, I’ve had my fair share of early mornings, late nights and everything imaginable in between during my time working at KY, and to be honest, there’s nothing really special or exciting to say about any of these things alone. What has mattered and made my time here one I’ll never forget, has been the people I’ve gotten to share it all with. 

So what do I actually do here? All in all, my most important single task is just being there for advice & support for all of our different associations. Apart from that, I still sometimes feel like my job consists of a whole bunch of more or less detached small “errands”. I guess this means I’m joining the good old “Each day is different, can’t really sum up a normal day at the office since it’s always so different from the day before” bandwagon…

Jokes aside, I think a “normal” day at the office could be summed up as following:

9:00 – Arrive at office, make coffee, check emails

10:00 – Get surprised by someone else arriving at the office, make more coffee to satisfy ridiculous caffeine habit, switch to a more crowd-pleasing music genre, wonder around the office and talk to people.

11:30 – Start planning lunchtime – make an adult decision to eat something cheap & student friendly – completely cave before peer-pressure & cravings and get sushi or pizza instead. Lie to yourself about not being the instigator for this behaviour.

12:15 – Do a bunch of the aforementioned errands. These can range from having meetings with clubs & other associations, fiddling around the association register, programming keys, helping out volunteers, doing some light budgeting / financial control etc. There’s really too much to list here. Depending on the day, also do member services tasks. While doing all of this, make sure to keep drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee, laughing with friends & generally joking around.

~16:00 – Get ready to leave for home (unless you have meeting / other evening program planned) – this pretty much means not getting anything smart done anymore, but still finding it near impossible to actually leave before 17:00

The summary above is probably confusing,  and doesn’t properly convey what I actually do at all. But it’s my best attempt of generalising the most diverse thing I’ve ever done (and am lucky enough to still continue doing for a while). The fact of the matter is: This isn’t a job. It’s a super fun hobby you get to do daily with a slight financial benefit. 

Despite my job consisting of a whole bunch of smaller tasks & activities, they do all have one thing in common: an effect on the community, and more specifically our volunteers. Without our volunteers and everything they do, KY would not need me for anything. This means that my job, put in a nutshell, is offering any and all support I can to any and all volunteers at KY. From my point of view, concretely seeing how our volunteers benefit from the work I do is what keeps the job fulfilling, and is also the best form of thanks I could ever receive. 

I feel like my headline describes my job here pretty well. The position, through all it’s ups and downs, consists of pretty much anything, but always with the right people. There’s nothing at all special about me or my position, but there’s a hell of a lot to say about the people around me that I get to share it all with: My colleagues from the KY office & board, the sports & wellbeing committee which I have the privilege to be a part of and of course all of our diverse associations and the volunteers behind them all. 

On the subject of people and since it’s probably become clear as day by now that I have no idea how to adequately describe my job, here’s what my main partner in crime, the board member responsible for sports & wellbeing, clubs & internationality , Paula Malka has to say about working alongside me (and of course, the future me):

One of my best tasks in the KY Board has been leading the Sports and Wellbeing Committee together with Jarkko. We started the year off by recruiting members to the committee, and since then have planned kick-offs, meetings and cottage trips to offer the best possible experience to Lihy’20 (and to ourselves as well!). For me, it has been a huge joy and a relief to be able to share ideas and put heads together with such a great partner like Jarkko. Doing this all alone, it wouldn’t have been the same experience at all. Besides Lihy, we also brainstorm broader topics that relate to wellbeing, which has been a lot of fun as well. When it comes to KY, almost anything is possible, which is one of the reasons I warmly recommend to make a move you won’t regret and apply to be a part of our crew.”

If offering support for- and working alongside more than 50 unique associations, getting to know the best of people and in general having a good time at the KY office sounds like something you’d enjoy, don’t hesitate and submit your application now. I’m not exaggerating when saying that working at the KY office is the coolest single thing you can do during your time at KY.

On the highly likely chance that you didn’t really understand what you might actually be applying for based on my ramblings above, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best at actually answering any questions you might have and discussing the position in more detail 🙂


Jarkko Kosunen

Association Coordinator

045 132 5490