Anxiously waiting for the golf season

The application period for KY Foundation’s association subsidies is now open! One of the KY associations, KY-Slice, applied for the funding and in this blog they will open up why the subsidy is important for them and also tell you what the association actually does.

The spring is almost here which means of course that the golf season is just around the corner. Most of the golfers are already impatiently waiting for the moment they can go outside to hit the ball and see how their swing has improved at the winter trainings. Then there is also that one special group of golfers, who just put their clubs to the farthest corner of storage after a long golf season on November and just hope that their game would take positive steps, while waiting the new golf season to start. Early spring means also that it’s time to apply for funding from KY Foundation. In the next few paragraphs I will introduce, what is KY-Slice ry and how the funding has helped us in our activities.

Aalto University’s only golf club, KY-Slice, is the biggest and most active university golf club in Finland. It was founded already in 1980’s and since then the club’s main objective has been to organize golf related events, mainly for KY members. The last few years have brought more tech students to our events, which has really been a positive trend! Our event calendar, not so surprisingly, focuses to the spring and summer containing for example a golf trip to Estonia, Aalto University championships, 3 to 4 other competitions and green card courses.

KY Foundation’s subsidy is an absolute for KY-Slice in order to maintain our club’s activities. The aim of the subsidies is to support the associations and to guarantee that they can cherish their traditions. KY-Slice wants to make golf more affordable for students and this season KY-Slice’s focus will be on the beginner golfers. We hope that this season we manage to market our events in the best possible way and that we can offer new interesting event concepts for all students interested in golf!

This spring is the perfect time to accomplish the green card and start your golf career – if you somehow hadn’t started it yet. I also hope that many of you will participate our events during the upcoming season! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, as in our events the most important thing is just to have fun. For the old slicers I have a positive message, because all the traditional events are coming also on this season. Remember to follow us on the Facebook, to stay updated of our upcoming events.

As final words I would like to thank KY Foundation for the subsidies, which have enabled us to organize great events for students. At least I have experienced amazing moments during my three years’ career in KY-Slice’s Board!

Hopefully I see many of you at our golf courses next summer!

Kai Budiansky

President, KY-Slice ry

Find more info about KY Foundation’s subsidies here!