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Hello KY! We are Anna and Oona, and we have had the honor of being the Chair and Vice Chair of KY’s Representative Council this year. KY’s Representative Council is the highest decision-making body of KY ry, which has a meeting approximately once a month to discuss and decide on the matters concerning KY. KY’s Representative Council also serves as the supervisory council of KY Foundation, so in these roles we have been able to get a very comprehensive big picture of KY. 


It’s possible to become the chair or Vice Chair of KY’s Representative Council with practically any background – you don’t even need to be a member of the Representative Council! Anna is a seasoned member of the community with a background in i.e. KY Board, and Oona is a fresher face who wanted to get to know KY better. Being responsible for KY RepCo definitely had something new to offer for the both of us!


In addition to chairing the RepCo meetings, the Chair of the Representative Council is responsible for composing the agendas for said meetings together with the Chair of the Board and the Executive Director. The Vice Chair conducts the roll calls for the meetings, determining who of the RepCo members are able to attend the meeting in question. There are also other tasks which the pair can divide between each other, like communicating about the meetings to the members of KY. The meetings are planned beforehand together with the Chair, Vice Chair, Executive Director and Chair of the Board. Thus, these positions are a great way to stay up-to-date about the happenings at KY and also have an influence on them. 


The tasks and responsibilities that come with these positions are mostly things that you can learn on the job. You don’t have to be familiar with all of KY’s rules or have a lot of experience in official meetings. However, it’s good to have a basic idea about how the Representative Council functions and how decisions are made at KY. Furthermore, these positions allow you to develop i.e. your organizational, facilitating and communication skills. Efficiently chairing a group of 21 eager Council members or sometimes even ensuring a full house from the busy Council members might not always be easy, but the feeling after a successful meeting is rewarding.


If you’re interested in having an influence at KY, but don’t want to dedicate a big part of your time to it, becoming the Chair or Vice Chair of the Representative Council might be a good idea for you. In these positions you also get to be a part of the KY office, which is a fun bunch of people!


If you have questions about our roles, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Anna Halsas
040 041 7885

Oona Sunnari
050 322 3396