An unforgettable year – Rasmus’ Blog

I still remember the day I got chosen to the KY board and how I wondered what was in store for me. I felt nervous stepping into the unknown, not knowing what lied ahead. All that I can say when my year draws to a close is that I’m so happy I applied and this has been one of the most amazing years of my life. All the new friends I’ve met, all the experiences I’ve had and the personal growth I’ve attained have made this a year to remember. 


My name is Rasmus and I’m the Vice Chairman at KY. My other responsibilities are New Premises and Finance, but we will get to those later. I am a fourth year student studying economics and before my board year, I’ve been a part of KYSSI and the Academic Affairs Committee KOVA. 

Vice Chairman, New Premises and Finance? 

Being the Vice Chairman you don’t have a committee, but you get to work on big projects and the big picture of KY together with the Chairman and the Executive Director. Heikki, our Chairman, and I have a working dynamic where we discuss and work together on projects and other challenges facing KY. The Chairman and Vice Chairman really are a duo as they have each other to spar on different issues. Naturally the Vice Chairman also takes on the role of the Chairman if they are not able to. 


My main role has been working on finding new premises for KY at Otaniemi. Being a part of leaving a long lasting impression on KY for years to come has been tough for sure, but rewarding at the same time. Most of my year I have been working on the Student Center Project together with AYY and TF. Being a part of the team that gets to design and decide on a multi-million euro building project has been challenging, since it’s not something you do every day. Nevertheless it has also given me valuable experience. 


As a part of my position I’m also responsible for KY’s finances. The KY association also has an investment portfolio that needs to be checked from time to time with the asset manager. This year I also have the opportunity to make a new investment strategy for the next five years! 

New skills, unforgettable memories

If I could name the most important lesson I’ve learned this year it would be that you only learn and grow once you step out of your comfort zone. This year has given me self-confidence and the knowledge that I can learn new skills and adapt to new challenges. On top of that skills like leadership, project management and presentation skills are things that are valuable. 


It’s hard to put a finger on my favourite memory from this year, as there are so many, but if I had to it would be our first annual ball we went to. Hanken’s annual ball was so much fun as we have a great relationship with the SHS board. I really hope that you could share those memories, but you can make your own if you make the choice and apply to the KY board. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Yours truly,
Rasmus Ylinen

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