An Average Day of KY’s Secretary for Clubs and Societies

Everyone always starts this off by saying that at the KY office, no two days are the same. Indeed, working at KY means you’ll never know when your slow-paced Friday afternoon turns into cigars and champagne on the patio, but let’s not get carried away just yet.

Whilst most of the secretaries’ titles give a pretty good idea of what the job has to offer, the name Secretary for Clubs and Societies always raises a few questions. The title, even in all its ambiguity, doesn’t do justice to one of the most diverse posts that KY has to offer.

The Secretary for Clubs and Societies sits at the heart of KY, both literally and figuratively. A seat in KY’s Avokonttori (which, before you ask, doesn’t translate into open office) is a window into what happens at KY and the perfect meeting place for KY members, staff and volunteers. Constructed with utmost precision to honour its predecessor in Töölö, Avokonttori is never dull but admittedly presents some challenges, as you’ll never know who’ll drop by in dire need of assistance and who’s just there to start a party.

However, being one of the primary contacts for our 50+ associations means you also get a pretty good grasp of what happens beyond Espilä’s walls. Factor in secretarial posts in the Sports and Wellbeing Committee LiHy and the Academic Committee KOVA, as well as supporting roles in a variety of project teams ranging from the Tutor Committee to KY Masters’ Club, and you’ll find yourself pretty well placed at the epicentre of KY’s recreational scene.

What ties together this seemingly scattered collection of tasks is my role in supporting our members in their various endeavours and volunteer posts. This varies from providing very concrete assistance in daily matters as a service secretary to making more large scale decisions through membership in KY Foundation’s subsidy committee. Be it for keys or capital, the Secretary for Clubs and Societies is here to help! As KY exists solely for and because of its members, there couldn’t be a more important job.

Someone once said that at the KY office, no two days are the same. Despite the cigars and champagne, I’m going to have to disagree. Every office has its routines, just as every job has its difficulties – but when these are made up of assisting the most ambitious group of volunteers, working alongside the most supportive (albeit disturbed) team of colleagues and taking the time to give back to the best student community in the world, these are routines I’m glad to embrace.

Liisa Helle
Secretary for Clubs and Societies, 045 259 9991