An Average Day of KY’s Sales Coordinator

Suit up and smile – what does KY’s Sales Coordinator actually do?

It’s 9.00 on a Monday morning… Time to wake up? Maybe at a normal job but at mine, well, not gonna happen anytime soon.  

As a Sales Coordinator my work is very independent and I’m able to choose my working hours as I like. My working time is 25 hours per week (30h/week during summer) and usually I work for around 4 days in a week and Fridays I often keep free for other things. Maybe one of the best things of being KY’s Sales Coordinator is that I’m able to choose my own schedule and plan my days freely.

On a normal day I usually arrive at the office at around 10 and start the day by checking my emails and the to-do list for the day. As a Sales Coordinator my job is to keep our corporate partners happy by making sure that everything is organized and the co-operation goes smoothly. It is a lot of scheduling, sending emails and making sure everything happens as it is planned and agreed. If you want to fit in my boots you need to be organized and able to handle multiple things at the same time.

Of course my work is not just sitting at the office and panicking over what have I forgotten. In addition, I use my time to contact new possible partners and meeting important stakeholders related to corporate relations. I lead the Sales Academy, KY’s sales committee, and as part of it I have gained experience leading this amazing group alongside the chairman, arranging events and taking care of the benefits KY offers to its members. Moreover, a big part of my work is planning how the corporate relations are managed together with my working partner from the executive board of KY.

The greatest thing about working at KY is that you can combine your free time and work perfectly. At KY’s office you meet extremely interesting people and get to belong to the best working community, at least the best I’ve ever belonged to.

Katariina Karttunen
Sales Coordinator
katariina.karttunen@ky.fi, 050 468 2301