An average day of KY’s Art Director

My job at KY mainly involves working on the layout of different printed and digital media publications. The Art Director of KY is responsible for leading the association’s visual communications. The work of the AD is highly independent, but projects are planned and developed together with others. I primarily work together with the communications sector and the editor-in-chief of Kylteri magazine as well as others involved in the association, such as committees. I have gotten to know numerous people through different projects.

In addition to the work of a graphic designer, KY also enables people to do different things related to their interests, such as making illustrations and taking photographs. KY is a motivated, relaxed and lively work community. It has been a pleasure to be able to follow how KY invests in its activities and members! It is meaningful to work for the good of the students.

Jesse Salo
Art Director
jesse.salo@ky.fi,  040 353 8287