Alumni – current or future: Wake up and give back!

The Finnish economy is in stagnation. The government is cutting university funding. Aalto is going through massive YT-negotiations. Midst all this it’s hard to stay optimistic about the future. But Kauppis will continue leading the way – and you can help.

This is a wake-up call for all alumni – current or future. Kauppis, Aalto BIZ, HSE, HKKK, whatever you call it, it’s our School. The School has to cut millions of euros from its expenses. We will survive, but we may not thrive. With donations you can ensure that we get that extra something – a visiting professor, funding for exchange studies, a new computer or an e-book lisence.

By donating you also help yourself and the Finnish society. Firstly the value of our degree is mainly based on the quality of our alma mater, and that may vary over time. Secondly our School intensively helps key people in society and industry and thus brings valuable academic knowledge to help the Finnish economy survive this recession.

With KY’s campaign you can help our School even with a small donation. Let’s ensure that Kauppis thrives now and in the future. It’s time to give back!

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Antti Korpelainen
Chairman of the Board