ABB – KY Alumni Story: Teemu Valminen

ABB – KY Alumni Story: Teemu Valminen, Business Developer


Hey there!


I am a 2019 Graduate from Information and Service Management department. During my studies, I decided to bet for a relatively mixed set of cross-disciplinary courses rather than strictly following our study guides. This approach prepared me well with consulting and project management practices, but on the other hand, I have had to work on my T-skills specialization area myself. Although this path was successful to me, I would encourage you to weigh carefully if deviating the study guides is for everyone.


Career at ABB


After my bachelor’s degree back in 2017, I applied to ABB for R&D processes development trainee position. In this position, I left my fingerprint to world-class R&D processes and ways of working. Practical examples would be that I surveyed R&D project managers on their awareness and use of R&D project management model, and I created and established new organizational practices to support innovation. Before this position, I had worked during summers for another large Finnish company.


Working part-time appeared to be a good fit for me as it helped me to figure out my future career aspirations, and to draft an idea which courses I would need to pick to start building my professional skills. Eventually I had the opportunity to do my MSc Thesis for ABB with an innovation management related thesis which also paved my road to my current role as a business developer.


In my role as a business developer, I am an integral part of a project team in one of our key initiatives in sales development. My key stakeholders are the few thousand sales professionals across various regions, and my team reports directly to division sales managers of multi-billion business divisions. This has given me a unique chance to get known into industrial landscape, including different industry segments (like renewables or food and beverage) and industrial customers. I have been supporting my team on daily basis, with various aspects; doing interviews with key stakeholders, preparing consulting templates, and crafting training material.


I find that working for ABB is meaningful. We also live everyday our 4C values; courage to make a difference, care of our people, curiosity to do things better, and collaboration. As our purpose is to keep the world turning while saving energy every day, I feel that I can contribute to some of the world’s biggest challenges in an important way.


I would highly recommend making the most out of your thesis, as it will be a unique chance to practice your project management and consulting skills. I believe that every of our graduates should have these theses skills in good shape! On top of that, it can act as a ‘proof of concept’ of your skills to prospect employees.


Wishing you all the best with your pursuit and ambitions!



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