Aalto Entrepreneurship Society (Aaltoes) is the most prominent and most active student-run entrepreneurship society in Europe. Our mission today is being the world’s best community and growth platform, especially for personal development and reaching entrepreneurial-minded people.

Aaltoes was founded in 2009 by Aalto University students when the professor said: “being an entrepreneur is the worst thing you could do with your life.” During the years, Aaltoes has been the driving force in the Finnish startup scene. It has changed the attitude towards entrepreneurship, developed Slush the scale it is nowadays, implemented world-class concepts and Europe’s most significant events.

As a member of Aaltoes, you will challenge yourself personally and at the team level. You will surround yourself with future doers, network with national and international talents – without forgetting high-quality career development. The traditional trips to California (Silicon Valley) and Asia are unique possibilities to network and explore a unique startup culture.

There is always space for new ambitious people – contact us via Facebook, www, email or stop by our events!

For more information see aaltoes.com or ask via email info@aaltoes.com

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