Aalto Predators

Aalto Predators is the American football team of Aalto University. The team plays in the Finnish Academic League, comprised of players of all experience levels: from beginners to maple league and national team players.

American football is a sport that requires players of many different athletic types: from smaller agile skill positions in the secondary and backfield, to the heavy lifters on the line of scrimmage. The team also organizes evenings for players to watch games, socialize and hang out.

Founded in 2012, the team is already a staple in Otaniemi and Töölö, hosting check points at KY City Challenge and Otasuunnistus, amongst others. The club hosts a Super Bowl party and other game viewings open to all Aalto students. The club also includes football enthusiasts who support the team by using their talents to arrange events or by joining the board.

Tryouts are in the fall at the start of the academic year! Predator practices are held both in Finnish and English by the coaches. Check out fb.com/aaltojefu and predators.fi.