A year with a thousand memories – Isabella’s blog

As I applied to be a member of the board at KY in late 2019, I would have never guessed what kind of the year was ahead of me. I had just started my second year of studies and was a board member in a subcommittee, when I decided I wanted to apply. Apparently, it was worth it, since Heikki somehow chose me to be a part of this insanely cool group of smart, fun and hardworking people. During the last year, I have been responsible for academic affairs with my colleague Pauli (<3) and campus affairs.

Academic affairs & campus affairs

 Like some of you reading this blog text, I had little idea of what someone who is responsible for academic or campus affairs actually does and what a typical workday looks like. To be completely honest, every day is different, but that’s exactly what makes it fun. As an academic affairs responsible, a big part of the job is attending meetings with the school’s faculty and staff and voicing students´ opinions on matters regarding our education. At first, having such a responsibility intimidated me, but I quickly learned what a privilege and honor it was.


Working together with the school went from face to face meetings to Zoom-mode in March after the pandemic hit, but that didn’t slow progress down. In fact, I believe it furthered it. Working together with the school on matters such as transitioning into online learning and lobbying for additional summer courses for students felt meaningful and fulfilling.


Running the academic affairs committee KOVA has been a great part of the position. Working and brainstorming about academic topics and for example preparing and publishing the Study Tips-series have been some of the things we’ve gotten up to. A summer cottage with rides on a tractor, board games and a little bit of liquid refreshments have also made amazing memories with amazing people.

Regarding campus affairs, the biggest goal has been to enable sufficient studying spaces to be available for our students especially during a time when places have been in lockdown. In the beginning of the fall, spaces were made accessible to students for e.g. independent studying and group work. As for the future, the goal is to reopen study spaces and improve them based on feedback collected from our students.

The highlights

 There are a million and one events I could highlight as being the best part of the year, like giving a speech at KY’s annual ball or travelling to Stockholm to visit the Stockholm School of Economics, but it all comes down to one core element. The people around you. The countless coffee breaks in Espilä, laughs shared at Alakertsi, chants at karaoke bars. The people you get to share all of this are what make every day one for the books.

Isabella Kärkkäinen