A year like no other

I know, the title sounds quite corny. But for me, it truly has been. My role was totally new in KY board, and of course, it made some challenges. But these challenges have truly developed my skills for the rest of my life.

My year from the perspective of my responsibilities has consisted of two areas. New premises projects and representative council elections. New premises responsibility has engaged me for the all year round, as I have been working with Student Centre -project and KY’s substitute spaces with my fellow board member Elias. Elections on the other hand were a roughly half-year project and it was done in close cooperation with our communications responsible Pyry.

In new premises area, I could say I started from Tabula Rasa. The construction industry was a complete mystery for me. But after several emails and many hours spent in different kind of meetings with different stakeholders, I could say I have learned a lot. And hopefully got something done. The challenge in these two projects has truly been present, but after all, I have grown as a person immeasurably.

Elections were a true lesson of project managing for me. The project includes various little stuff that you have to have eye on. It is much more straightforward compared to new premises projects. But with my partner in crime, Pyry, we managed to get a really strong election vibe all around KY when the elections occurred. We even raised our seats in AYY Council to 15 seats.

All in all, this year has also been remarkably fun. You get to know so many people from even outside KY that it is impossible to even imagine. These relationships can open you new doors you would never imagine.


Antti Perttula

New premises and elections responsible in the KY Board 2019