A year chairing the Board of KY Foundation – Roope’s blog

The purpose of the KY Foundation is to support all sorts of aspirations of the business students of Aalto – we are here to support the KY community and its students by providing operating premises and financial resources for the majority of activities of KY. I will try to tell you who are the people operating inside the Foundation, how do we fulfil our purpose and how has the year chairing the Board of KY Foundation been like.

The highest decision-maker of the foundation is its board consisting currently of 6 student members (including me and Chairperson of the KY Association) and 6 specialist members. The Board is tasked to manage both the financial and real estate assets of the Foundation in a responsible manner and this translates to important discussions and sometimes difficult decisions affecting both the short and long term financials of the Foundation. During my time in the Board the focus has been greatly on the real estate projects and this will most likely be the case in 2021 too.

Even though duties of the Board may sound difficult, the student members are not required to have expert knowledge of real estate development or investment management. The board gains its expertise and experience from its specialist members. The student members are offered a great possibility to learn from these professionals by actively participating in discussions in the meetings of different committees and the Board. In addition, the student members have the best view on the student community and its associations. The student members’ responsibility is to communicate this insight and make sure that the Foundation serves both the current and future student generations of Aalto BIZ as well as possible.

My personal experience of this year has been great. The Chairman works in close co-operation with the Managing Director of the KY Foundation who provides significant support and a sparring partner. The Chairman is also in close contact with the KY Association and attends the meetings of the Supervisory Council of the Foundation. The pandemic hasn’t affected our daily operations heavily, and due to the Board being a relatively small group, we have often been able to organize a possibility to attend the meetings also face-to-face. Naturally, the situation has affected the premises and activities of different associations which we have also had to react to for example in our subsidies process. Additionally, we have had a good time also with more informal gatherings with the student members of the Board. 

I highly encourage you to consider applying for the Board of KY Foundation. For me, the last year as the Chairman has offered a chance to affect the future of KY and learn more about the management and development of our assets. The term in the Board is always different from the previous ones and there is only one way of finding out how it will be for you. Apply.


Roope Paju

Chairman of the Board of the KY Foundation


This year the KY Foundation is looking for student members for the term 2021-2022 as well as a chairperson to lead the work of the board in 2021. Apply now, instructions here.