A new home for KY members


Otaniemi, the new home of business students? To me it has always been a mystery why anyone would live in Otaniemi. In the next few years, however, major changes will be made: subway starts running in the autumn, new stores and services come with Väre and new student housing will be built. In addition, our master studies will eventually move here, too. Otaniemi does not sound like a bad place to live or spend time anymore, does it? To me it actually sounds quite sensible for a mursu starting at Aalto-BIZ in 2020.


8000m2 of services will come to Otaniemi with Väre – which is about 53 times yläkertsi.

Taking these facts into account, we need to consider KY’s presence in Otaniemi. KY should be where its members are. At the moment we have Saha and Espilä for rent in Otaniemi. Be that as it may, these premises do not fill our needs in the long run. Renting the facilities is also quite expensive and uncertain. We want to guarantee that our future students have at least the same, if not better, opportunities in Otaniemi as we have in Töölö. All in all, better premises are needed where our students and school will be in the long term – and that is in Otaniemi.


In response, KY has been looking for different options for long run premises for several years. We are planning to build a common student center with AYY (Aalto University Student Union) and TF (Teknologföreningen) in the heart of Otaniemi, right next to the metro station and opposite to the main library. The vision is that the building would be both an open meeting place for people from different backgrounds and studies but all the parties would also have their own space to maintain their heritage. The building would be as practical as possible and different spaces could be used for many purposes – there would be space for events and meetings, office space and common spaces for students to hang out.


The student center locates right next to the metro station and close to the main building.


At the moment we are making a spatial program, a list of spaces we need, for the architectural competition considering the whole mountain block area where the student center would be built. The competition begins in May and will continue until October. The zoning of the area will be made from the basis of the winning piece of work. The first drafts of the spatial program are used in the competition but it does not mean we can’t change it later. Clubs and subcommittees, who use the facilities, are involved in making the program.


The ultimate deadline for the spatial program is next autumn when KY makes the final decision on whether to participate in this project or not. After the decision we begin making building plans where architectural and structural engineering are precisely planned. If everything goes well, the building works could start in 2017 and the student center opens in 2020.

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