8 things I love about my job

Everyday office life

I can promise that one never gets bored with the normal routines at KY. At KY office, hard work is appreciated, but having fun is never forbidden. We share our ideas and help each other to brainstorm. We have our common coffee- and smoothie breaks and epic freetime activities like Office Crawl – yes, a pub crawl in Espilä.

Cooperation with companies

As a Sales Coordinator, I am in touch with our partners daily, mainly sending emails to execute the annual contracts. It is my responsibility to ensure that every part in contracts is done as agreed and thus keep our partners happy. A big part of my job are also the weekly posts from our partners in KY’s media channels. In this position it is important to be organized, since I must always be one step ahead and make sure everything happens on time.

Refreshing variety

Sending emails all day every day might sound like the dullest thing ever, but that is not the reality. I always have several tasks going on and meanwhile I am figuring out details for the next ones. Between the emails I might update our sector’s budget, which I am responsible for, visit KY board’s meetings, plan upcoming events or focus on some bigger project.


As the title indicates, having the right sales spirit is vital in this position. Contacting possible partners and making new deals with the current ones are part of my weekly routines. In addition to getting positive feedback for carrying out my responsibilities well, closing new deals is maybe the most rewarding part of my job.

Sales Academy

One important duty of mine is assisting Roope, KY board member responsible for corporate relations, in leading the corporate relations committee of KY. I support the committee in everything they do, from organizing the events to maintaining the member benefits. Having been a committee member myself in 2016, it is rewarding to provide the same awesome and educational experience to our current members.

Different projects

Sales Coordinator’s biggest project is surely acquiring firms for the Career Catalogue in the fall. The work environment at KY encourages to innovate and that is why I also create projects myself. We have incredibly free hands in pursuing our development ideas: I have renewed our contract templates and constructed a generic form for firms’ billing information to mention a few.

Responsibility and freedom

With freedom comes responsibility and this is especially true at KY. No one keeps watch on how I’m working 24/7, but I am expected to take responsibility if something goes wrong. Even if the former secretaries are there to help in every situation, not fearing to take responsibility is vital starting from day one. To my opinion, this freedom is however highly motivating.

KY Secretaries aka KYS

Simply the best colleagues one can get. Being passionate about working for KY is common to all of us and that brings us together. The word colleague is actually quite incorrect, since we have become close friends and dedicate also a great share of our free time to each other.

So my final advice is: apply already! After countless unforgettable memories and immensely valuable work experience, I promise from the bottom of my heart that you won’t regret it.

Matilda Saarinen

Sales Coordinator

matilda.saarinen@ky.fi, 040 353 8282

The application period for KY Secretaria 2017-18 is open 3.-17.4.2017. Read more here and apply!