68 days to the Annual Ball

Dear KY members!

Yes. The long awaited Christmas holiday is finally here. What to better get you into the holiday spirit than the knowledge of already being able to look forward to the best week of the year 2017. Oh yes, the event setting of the year culminates on week 8, when our beloved KY celebrates its birthday. The crown on top of the whole week of celebrations is KY’s 106th Annual Ball, which is held on the 25th of February 2017 in a yet mysterious but glamorous location. To pull this spectacle of the year together, a committee has been gathered to organize the event. Thus, on behalf of the whole Annual Ball Committee, I welcome you all to celebrate KY’s 106 magnificient years!

With this blog post, and the many more to come, you can follow the progress of the Annual Ball arrangements, in addition to the KY106 website which will be opened in January. Gradually, we will reveal more enticing details about the celebration itself, so keep an eye on the website and Facebook. For now, have a relaxing Christmas holiday and let the wait begin!


With festive wishes

Ella Oksala

Communications, Annual Ball Committee 2017