46 days to the Annual Ball

The Annual Ball invitations are on their way!

Happy Tuesday evening everyone and most of all, happy New Year! How was your first week of 2017? Mine was quite productive since all the Annual Ball invitations have now been given to Posti’s tender care. I’m a bit worried about my babies finding their way to the right home but the boy at the Posti’s office assured me that they’re going to be ok … and I believe him!

In the age of paperless mail like online cards and Facebook invites, our inboxes continue to fill up with emails and our phones are constantly buzzing with notification alerts. I mean, Facebook events are cool but it’s rare to get an actual invitation in the mail. People don’t send them anymore which makes receiving one quite thrilling. It makes one a truly wanted guest. Receiving a paper card in the mail is like a breath of fresh air. So yes, those beautiful navy blue invitations designed by Ella Oksala and mailed with love by me are on their way! Any day now, you may hear the sweet sound of a silver envelope with navy blue content falling through the mail slot on your door.

I’m so happy to notice that some of the invited guests have already filled out the registration form that can be found at ky.fi/vuosijuhla. Call me crazy but I’m totally obsessed with checking how many of you have registered so please give me something to get excited about! I can’t wait to hear from you!

That’s all for now lovelies! Have a fabulous week and stay tuned!


Lots of love,

Ella Wikberg

Vice Chairman and Invitations, the Annual Ball Committee 2017