37 days to the Annual Ball

Wanha Satama, 25.2.2017

The day starts to turn into evening when you are finally approaching the only source of light in the dim evening. You can feel a light breeze in your hair as you see an aged, yet elegant building by the sea, in the heart of Helsinki, in front of you. You keep walking closer, you start hearing the beautiful music from inside the building louder and louder, and feel the warmth when you make your way to the glass doors, guided by lanterns. You see familiar faces around you when a handsome doorman welcomes you into the new world…

…You have just arrived to KY’s 106th Annual Ball, and at that very moment, our show begins.

Here are we, the persons in charge of the location and programme of the Annual Ball. We are responsible of your night going as smoothly and glamorously as possible while you are enjoying the atmosphere and the divine program. Since October, we have focused on this one and only night so that everything runs smoothly. Now the timings have been honed to the perfection, not to mention the performances and honorary speakers. After dozens of hours of work and preparations, we all in the Annual Ball Committee can guarantee that you will never forget this night.

You hear the Boston Promenade’s music fading away in the ambient dancing hall as you decide to leave. Winter coat with you, you make your way again to those big glass doors. In the last minute, you remember to grab the goodie bag with you, and just as you are stepping outside the building, you notice a bus waiting for you, ready to take you straight to the KY building. You step into the bus and see how the  lights of Wanha Satama grow dimmer and dimmer, as they finally fade away into the horizon.


And finally, we can breathe a sigh of relief.

Maria Aalto & Julia Hakulinen


Annual Ball Committee 2017