2017 will be the best

Hello everybody! My name is Roope and I hope we will meet a lot this year as I am the member of KY board 2017. I’m responsible for work and career, corporate relations and ownership steering of our amazing aTalent Recruiting. I am really enthusiastic to get my hands on to all the interesting projects this year is going to offer.

This is my second year of studies my major being Business Technology. As a mursu I had many misconceptions about studying and student life in general, but they were all shattered quite fast. I would have missed a lot if I hadn’t given KY a chance. I encourage every one of you to try and find your own place in our community during this year.

I spent my first study year as a board member of KUJ responsible for corporate relations. Between organizing the events KUJ does for KY members yearly, I was also responsible for ordering KY’s very own dollar green overalls for new mursus. At the moment I am also working on this years KY-Speksi – once again – in charge of corporate relations. I’m sure that my KY experience will be a great help with my job in the board, but I will definitely learn also many new things this year.

It is not hard to say that the last year has been the best year I’ve had so far. There are so many moments I’d gladly return to. But as it’s not possible, I can only try to top the last year with this one. I spent long nights thinking if I should apply for the KY board. But from the moment I got chosen to this group, it was clear that I had made the best possible decision. When I look at my fellow board members and all the events waiting for us, I know I have found the place to learn, grow and have a memorable time at. During the year we will surely enjoy successes and survive hardships. Hopefully the road we travel can be seen as a progress for KY. That’s why we are here.

Roope Paju

Member of the board

Work and career, corporate relations, corporate governance