20 days to the Annual Ball

Numerous contacted companies, countless emails and many days spent on the phone – that is what the past four months have been like for me as the corporate relations representative of the Annual Ball Committee.

And now, when there are only 20 days left to the Annual Ball, it is time to reveal what I have been working on! It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the partners who have made the event possible. In addition to KPMG and Hartwall, we have partnered up with Helen, Futurice and Suomen Ekonomit to make this year’s Annual Ball the greatest ever!

Along with our partners, my work has also included securing great deals for you, our lovely guests, to enjoy the celebrations without a worry about your financials. By collaborating with many companies, we have been able to bring to you amazing deals on renting white ties, buying evening gowns and topping your festive looks with manicures, haircuts and hair dos, without forgetting the needs like hunger, which need to be satisfied in the late hours after the Annual Ball.

Please keep an eye on the website of the Annual Ball for the amazing benefits, and do check up on the event’s Facebook page for updates from our partners!


Wealth and happiness,

Julia Koskinen

Corporate Relations

Annual Ball Committee ’17