180 days 'till Otaniemi!

Next fall all bachelor degree students are lining up for the bus number 102 in Kamppi bus terminal. Some students are nervous about the new city and about the new place for studies. Students are comparing their courses for the first period and considering where to get lunch in Otaniemi. Tutors recognize that there are much more places to choose to get lunch than in Töölö; it will be hard to choose the place. Older students remind walruses about the ticket sales for the fall’s parties and which parties are the must ones. Some parties will be held in Otaniemi and some in KY Building in Töölö, they tell. Walruses are super excited!

KY will experience the historical change in next fall, when studies for bachelor degree will be held in Otaniemi instead of Töölö. At the same time KY will organize most of the activities in Otaniemi as well. We see the change as a possibility to do things new and bigger way, of course without forgetting the old KY traditions.

What concrete will happen during the next six months in our University and in KY before we can arrive to Otaniemi?

There are massive reconstructions going on in new bachelor degree center and for example modern Harvard hall will be ready for the fall’s first users. Halls and corridors will be decorated to support KY and business identity. Even if lunch place Dipoli will be closed for use because of renovation, there will be opened couple of new lunch places in Otaniemi. How to get to Otaniemi, even when the subway won’t be ready for use in fall? No problem, the school is trying to fix the problem for example planning for adding bus rides. KY is planning these things with school actively.

KY has rented office rooms and party place from the center of Otaniemi. KY’s own places will be also renovated and decorated during this spring. KY office will be mainly operating in Otaniemi since next fall. The one question is sure, how about the KY Building? No, we aren’t selling it away and right now we are planning how KY will be operating in two campuses.

What next?

Now you will hear about Otaniemi project weekly from us. We will share all the new information related to the bachelor degree center and KY in Otaniemi. We hope to involve you as well, for example there is coming one competition next week. I’m more than happy to answer all the questions and wonders what you have on mind.

ETA 180 days greetings,